Prof Stefan Bouzarovski

Professor of Geography

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Key research projects

2017-2020: ‘European Energy Poverty: Agenda Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation’, European Union COST Action, over €520,000 total in expected value (Principal Investigator – PI);

2016-2020: ‘European Energy Poverty Observatory’, €820,000 total from the European Commission (PI); 

2016-2019: ‘Urban Transformation in South Africa Through Co-Designing Energy Services Provision Pathways’, £500,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) (Co-Investigator - CO-I);

2016, 2017: Early career researcher symposium, EAGA Charitable Trust (PI);2016: ‘Energy Infrastructure: security, environment and social conflict’ workshop, British Council Researcher Links (Co-I);

2015-2018: ‘Calculating and operationalising the multiple benefits of energy efficiency Improvements in Europe’ €980k total from the EU Horizon 2020 programme (Co-I);

2013-2018: ‘Energy vulnerability and urban transitions in Europe’. €1.42 m from the European Research Council (PI);

2014: ‘Nexus technologies, urban circulation, and the co-production of water-energy’, £5k from the Nexus network (Co-I);

2013-2014: ‘Housing in Multiple Occupancy: Energy Issues and Policy’ (HOME). £30k approx. from the EAGA Charitable Homes Trust (Co-I);

2013-2015: Hestia 2, ca £60,000 from the AHRC in follow-on funding (Co-I);

2012-2013: International conference on ‘Addressing energy vulnerability through research and policy’, UK Energy Research Centre Meeting Place (PI);

2011-2013: ‘The geopolitical economy of global gas governance’, ca. £350,000 total from ESPRC/NERC (Co-I); 

2012-2013: ‘Investigating residential and business energy consumption via student-led action research’ (INTREACT), Departmental Teaching Development Grant, ca. £30,000 total from the Higher Education Academy (PI); 

2011-2012: ‘Accelerating and disseminating methodological innovation in energy research’ (ADMIER), ca. £30,000 total from the EPSRC (PI);

2011-2012: ‘Energy use among young adults’ (ENYA),£5000 from the Cheshire Lehmann Fund (PI);

2011: ‘Building/household events and energy vulnerability: a European perspective’, £5000 total from INCLUESEV (ESRC/EPSRC) (PI);

2010/2011: International workshop on ‘Energy poverty: mapping the European research landscape’, INCLUESEV (ESRC/EPSRC), ca £5,000 total (PI);

2010-2011: ‘Understanding energy vulnerability, resilience and youth transitions’, ca. £3000 total from the Durham Energy Institute (Co-I);

2010: ‘Governing energy vulnerability in Southeastern Europe’, French Institute for International Relations, ca. €12,000 total (PI);

2009-2012: ESRC seminar series on ‘Energy transitions: security, climate, governance’, ca. £18,000 total (Co-I);

2008-2012: ‘Energy policy risks and spatial development in Central and Eastern Europe’, ca. £21,000 total from the Czech Ministry of Education (PI);

2008-2010: Network, relation, flow: imaginations of space in Herodotus’ History, ca. £63,000 total from the AHRC (Co-I);

2005-2006: Energy efficiency and climate change in Kazakhstan, £20,000 total, Global Opportunities Fund (Co-I);

2003-2005: RE-URBAN MOBIL (Reurbanisation under conditions of demographic change), €1.5 million total, EU Fifth Framework Programme (RF and Workpackage Leader);

2005: Liquid Cities, £2000 from the EPSRC and Royal Geographical Society with IBG (PI).


Research and projects

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