Prof Stefaan Jansen


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Research interests

See my personal webpages for detailed information on current and past research.

My work consists of ethnographic investigations of:
* postsocialist transformations and unequal distributions of hope (socio-economic, gendered and generational patterns of expectations, despair, recognition, imagined futures, cynicism)
* state transformation (hegemony, resistance and compliance, borders, state effects, senses of entitlement, ideology, socialism and neoliberalisation) 
* experiences of home, displacement and entrapment (incl. 'ethnic cleansing' and the (im)possibility to cross borders)
* (anti)nationalism and everyday configurations of nationality
* memory (contested and marginalised remembering and forgetting, remembered normality, nostalgia as postsocialist critique)

My past and current research is concentrated in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display