Dr Sotirios Thanos

Lecturer in Real Estate and Urban Economics

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Research Student Supervision Areas

I am happy to talk to potential students interested in undertaking research degrees in the following areas of expertise:

Spatiotemporal econometrics

My research identified arrow-of-time violations in spatial econometric techniques commonly applied to spatiotemporal data. This research theme involves developing methodological advances to allow optimal estimation and combination of temporal and spatial connections into spatio-temporal weight matrices. Econometric tool development to analyse both time-variant and time-invariant connections, thus forgoing widespread simultaneity/endogeneity issues and causality violations.


Real-Estate and Housing economics

Identifying decision mechanisms, which potenitally propagate and attenuate biases in real estate cycles. Examining spatial spillovers and the factors affecting location choice.


Environmental valuation

Methodological issues and applications of Revealed and Stated Preference techniques of  non-market valuation. Special interest in valuation of transport noise.


Urban Economics: Interactions between housing, transport and energy consumption

This is a wide topic that includes spatial aspects of transport demand, domestic energy demand, fuel poverty and housing market interactions.


Choice experiments and choice modelling

Design of choice experiments applied to transport and/or environmental valuation contexts.