Prof Sophie Woodward

Professor of Sociology

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I welcome PhD applicants in the following areas:

• Materiality, material culture; clothing and fashion; consumption

• Feminist theory and methodologies; gender performances. 

•creative qualitative and interdisciplinary methods and approaches

Current PhD students:

Alexus Davis - Birth expectations amongst Australian Aboriginal Women

Mariana Dias - Homemaking, material culture and belonging for Portuguese women in the UK

Neta Yodovich - Does that make me a bad feminist? Feminism and female fandom. 

Jessica Mancuso - Sapphic Space Scarcity: lesbian women's spaces in Manchester

Maisie Tomlinson: Critical anthropo-morphisms and Multi-species ehtnography.

Completed PhDs:

  • Matko Krce-Ivancic - Gendering Individuals: women and the trnasition to neo-liberalism in Croatia
  • Deborah Giustini -Towards a Sociology of Interpreting
  • Irmak Hazir - ‘Culture Consumption and Lifestyle: The Case of Turkish Middle Class’ Awarded 2013.
  • Naomi Braithwaite - ‘A Study of Material Agency, Independent Shoe Designers’. Awarded 2012
  • Sabine Hielscher (EPSRC funded), ‘Routine Hair Care Practices and Design Responsibility’. Awarded 2010.