Prof Simon ClarkB.Sc., D.Phil. (oxon)

Honorary Professor, Honorary Reader

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

Affilitated staff

Dr. Selina McHarg

Dr. John Griffiths

Dr. Nadhim Bayatti

Ms. Anna Tierney



Ms. Fan He (Ph.D. student)

Ms. Maja Soberg Udsen (Ph.D. student - co-supervised with Prof. Nissen, University of Copenhagen)

Mr. Richard Scharff (Ph.D. student)


Internal collaborators (University of Manchester)

Prof. Paul Bishop, Ophthalmology and Matrix Biology

Dr. Richard Unwin, Division of Cardiovascular Sciences

Prof. Tony Day, Inflammation and innate immunity

Prof. Graeme BlackGenetic Medicine 

Prof. Martin HumphriesCell adhesion and signalling


External collaborators

Prof. Marius Ulrich, Director of the Institute for Ophthalmic Research (Tübingen University)

Prof. Anneke den Hollander, Professor of Molecular Ophthalmology (Radboud University, Nijmegen)

Prof. Gregory Hageman, Executive Director of the Moran Eye Center (University of Utah)

Prof. Mogens Holst Nissen, Department of Immunology and Microbiology (University of Copenhagen)

Prof. B. Paul Morgan, Dean of Medicine (Cardiff University)

Dr. Louise Porter, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Ophthalmology (University of Liverpool)