Prof Siddharth Banka MBBS MRCPCH PhD

Professor of Genomic Medicine and Rare Diseases

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

Post-doctoral Research Associates

  • Dr Sara Cuvertino (Pluripotent stem cell models of KMT2-diseases, GOSH-Sparks)
  • Dr Rebecca Yarwood (Zebrafish models of neurodegenerative disorders of Kennedy pathway, Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, USA)

 Current PhD (or equivalent) students (primary supervisor)

  • Evgenii Martirosian (Genomics and epigenomics of rare diseases)
  • Ronnie Wright (Solving the unsolved via WGS, DClinSci)
  • Andrew Thom (Non-muscle actinopathies, Marsh studentship)
  • Dr Adam Jackson (Solve-RD, H2020)
  • Ankur Charasia (Genomics of Developmental Disorders in India, GCRF)

Current PhD (or equivalent) students (Co-supervisor)

  • Rob Harkness (Wellcome)
  • Carolina Stambouild (MRC)

Past PhD (or equivalent) students

  • Dr George Burghel (Improving interpretation of CNVs, DClinSci) - Now Deputy Lead Cancer Genomics, Manchester Univeristy Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Dr Victor Faundes Gomez (Histone lysine methylases and demethylases in developmental disorders) - Now Assistant Professor at University of Santiago, Chile.
  • Dr Aimee Donald (Gaucher syndrome) - Now NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Neurology, Manchester.


  • Prof Sue Kimber (iPSC models of KMT2-diseases; Manchester; Funded by GOSH-Sparks).
  • Prof Jill Clayton-Smith (Genetic basis of rare disorders; Manchester; Funded by H2020)
  • Prof Martin Lowe (Zebrafish models of Kennedy pathway disorders; Manchester; Funded by Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, USA)
  • Prof Anna Nicolaou (Lipidomics of Kennedy pathway disorders; Manchester; Funded by Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, USA)
  • Dr Tom Millard  (Drosophila models of RAC-related disorder; Manchester)
  • Dr Paul Kasher (Zebrafish models of EIF5A, FKBP4 and RLF-related disorders; Manchester; Funded by MRC DTP and H2020)
  • Prof Adrian Woolf (Mice models of ACTB-related disordes; Manchester; Funded by Marsh studentship)
  • Dr Adam Stevens (Systems biology of chromatin disorders; Manchester; Funded by GOSH-Sparks)
  • Prof Graham Pavitt (Yeast models of EIF5A; Manchester; Funded by MRC DTP)
  • Prof Colin Johnson (Ex38/39 KMT2D MV disorder; Leeds)
  • Prof Girish Katta (Genomics of Developmental Disorders in India; Manipal, India; Funded by Global Challenges Research Fund)
  • Dr Nataliya Di Donoato (ACTB-related disorders; Dresden, Germany; Funded by Marsh studentship)