Dr Siavush Randjbar-Daemi


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Research interests

Iranian 20th Century Political History, with a specialisation in the creation and evolution of state institutions in the late Pahlavi and Islamic Republic period.

Another recently-initiated area of research concerns the study of political organisations, specifically political parties, on the one hand and political crowds and crowd consciousness in the modern era, with an initial emphasis on the Mossadegh period.

He is currently producing a number of research outputs:
-- A just-completed journal article on the attempts to bring about a republican state order in the last days of the Mohammad Mossadegh premiership of August 1953. A preliminary version of the research has been presented at the  MIHAN conference on the August 1953 coup. This will be the first in-depth academic production on the topic and features a wealth of unused (and unknown!) sources published during those heady days. 

-- Two articles on aspects of the poliical history of the 1979-1981 period, which will form part of a monograph on the dawn of the Islamic Republic to be published by the 40th anniversary of the Revolution, in 2018/19.



Research and projects

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