Dr Sean Pert PhD, PGDip, PGCert, BSc(Hons), mRCSLT, mBAGIS, HCPC Registered, SFHEA

Senior Lecturer (TF) in SLT

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I teach on the Bsc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy pre-qualification programme  The programme offers an Integrated Masters route in the optional fourth year. I lead a Master's module on 'Working with Bilingual children and their Families' .

I am Admissions Officer for the programme.

Current BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy Degree Programme Teaching:

Year 1 students:

  • HCDI 10200 Clinical & Professional Practice: Speech and Language Therapy in the context of Bilingualism

Year 2 students:

  • HCDI 20100 Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics: Clinical Phonetics Teaching; SLCN in the context of Bilingualism; Transgender Voice & Communication change
  • HCDI 20321 Developmental Speech & Language Disorders A: Speech Sound Disorders
  • HCDI 20200 Clinical and Professional Practice
  • Blended Clinic Simulation (Design contributor)

Year 3 students:

  • HCDI 30321 Developmental Speech and Language Disorders B: Complex and Severe Speech Sound Disorders
  • HCDI30531 Clinical Research 3
  • I also provide post-graduate clinical phonetics training and awareness of bilingualism to Teachers of the Deaf.

Year 4 students:

  • HCDI HCDI41430 Working with bilingual children and their families


Previous (four year NHS bursery funded programme) teaching:

  • HCDI 20/ 30/40 060 Professional and Clinical Studies
  • HCDI 20/ 30/40 400 Clinical Practice
  • HCDI 20990 Clinical Phonetics
  • HCDI 31001 Clinical Linguistics II - Bilingualism
  • HCDI 40100 Advanced Study Option
  • HCDI 41031 Developmental Language Disorders II - Bilingualism

I was the Lead for Clinical Education, overseeing clinical placements (2014-2018). As part of this role I provided training days for speech and language therapists who provide clinical placement experience as clinical educators in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University Clinical Lead staff.