Dr Sean Crawford

Lecturer in Philosophy

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Research interests

Specific research interests:

My chief research interests lie in philosophy of language, mind and action and focus on contemporary problems about the nature of intentionality, mental content, singular reference, de re belief, puzzles about belief, propositional attitudes, how de re and de dicto attitude ascriptions explain action, and the existence and nature of propositions. I also have interests in the history of analytic philosophy (especially Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap, and Quine), nineteenth- and twentieth-century philosophy of mind and psychology (especially the logical positivists) and the philosophy of mind found in early modern philosophers (especially Descartes).

Current research projects:

I am currently developing Russellian or Millian solutions to various puzzles and paradoxes about belief, a theory of perceptual demonstrative de re belief, and a Russellian multiple-relation style account of thought grounded in mental acts of predication.


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