Dr Sarah MacQuarrie

Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Education

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Research Opportunities & Supervision

Please feel free to contact me to discuss ideas for supervision / joint research. I would be interested in supervising students in topics that link with my research interests – please get in touch.


Doctoral Supervision:

Doctor of Educational Psychology (DEdPsy)

Patricia Lunt (2nd supervisor)

Frances Parker (2nd supervisor)


Masters Supervision MEd Psychology of Education

Examples of supervised Masters Research*


Agnieszka Hollins

A qualitative study exploring teachers’ views on restorative approaches in primary schools.

Laura Sinclair

The mediating role of goal orientations  between the Big Five, Dark Triad and academic performance. Exploring the impact of student ethnicity on motivational beliefs in UK higher education.  

Denise Mocking

Teacher perceptions regarding the challenges in teaching STEM.




Matthew Coxon Teachers’ attitudes towards pupils undertaking a managed move.

Kirstie Howard The educational experiences of care-experienced further education students: the perspectives of young people in Scotland



Laura Guy 'Teacher's perceptions on students self efficacy beliefs'.

Sarah Harris Title TBC

Carla Mason A qualitative report investigating the difficulties primiparous mothers experience when bonding with their infants and the measures they used to support these difficulties.

            Since completion Carla is working as a research assistant at the University of Manchester and is also involved in supporting and organising a  young persons mental health charity.  

Rachel Williamson 'The Nature and Impact of Student-Athlete Sports Initiations in UK Universities'.



Nichola-Jayne Curzon  Do children with EAL understand non-literal speech acts

            Since completion Nichola is teaching year 5 at a school in North Manchester.

Eleanor Diamond Why Volunteer in a Food Bank? A Self-Determination Theory Approach

Andrea Keane Motivation: The Relationship between Perceived Self-Competence and Social Supports in Primary School Irish Language Learning

Marie-Grace Nkeshimana The lived experience of homeschooled Christians: A qualitative study.

Josephine Faure Walker 'Adolescent perceptions of refugees in areas of low contact in the North of England

           Since completion Josie is a Specialist Mentor with the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service, University of Sheffield and a Research Coder in Training for MACI-Infant with the Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester.

Gina Wilson Peer interaction and second language development.



Catherine Angharad Jones. Attributions for Loneliness by Ten Year Old Children. MEd Psychology of Education

               Since completion Angharad has joined the D.Ed.Psy course in Cardiff.

Ola Demkowicz. Two-year-olds in schools: An exploration of practitioners’ experiences and perceptions of offering the two-year-old provision in schools in England through the Theory of Planned Behaviour. MEd Psychology of Education

               Since completion Ola is undertaking a PhD at the University of Manchester.

Halima Shah. Exploring mentors motivation to mentor. MEd Psychology of Education

               Since completion Halima is undertaking a PhD at University College London.


*Students have given their permission to be named