Dr Sarah Marie Hall

Reader in Human Geography

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Please note: I am currently unable to accept further supervision requests for doctoral students commencing studies in the academic year 2021/2022.

I am happy supervise PhD students who are interested in any of the following topics:

- Feminist Geographies, Gender and Social Difference

- Familial, Personal, Intimate and Everyday Life/Lives 

- Austerity, Crises and Economic Change

- Consumption practices

- Ethics, Care and Social Reproduction

- Ethnographic, Participatory and Creative Research

 You are welcome to contact me at any time to discuss ideas you might have for a PhD.


Recent PhD Students: 

Dr Laura Pottinger 'Cultivating alternatives: crafting, sharing and propagating seed-saving practices, UK', SEED +3 Scholarship (supervised with Noel Castree and Mark Jayne) 

Dr Heather Piggott 'Exploring Women’s Labour Market Participation in Rural Bangladesh and India Using Mixed-Methods: Social Attitudes, Social Norms and Lived Experiences', ESRC-DFID +3 Studentship (supervised with Wendy Olsen and Kunal Sen)

Dr Julia Mills 'Personal Recovery Geographies: An Ethnographic Study of Sustained and Long-Term Recovery from "Alcoholism"’, Leverhulme Scholarship and ESRC +2 Open Award (supervised with Bethan Evans, Mark Jayne and Fiona Smyth)

Current PhD Students at Manchester:

Mohd Helmi Bin Abu Yahya 'Homelessness and Political Agenda in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of Malaysia', Malaysian Government PhD Scholarship Award (supervised with Diana Mitlin)

Lauren Greehy 'Making sense of perfume: a geographical study', ESRC 1+3 Open Award (supervised with Chris Perkins and Martin Hess)

Liz Ackerley 'Youth Activism in an Age of Austerity', ESRC 1+3 CASE Studentship (with RECLAIM, supervised with Kevin Ward, Laura Pottinger and Bethan Evans)

Alison Briggs 'The Last Resort? Exploring the impact living with food insecurity has on relationships with family and friends', ESRC +3 Open Award (supervised with Stefan Bouzarovski and Clare Holdsworth)

Graham Burvill 'Financial Insecurity in the UK: Debt, Decision Making and Resilience Amongst Low Income Families', ESRC +3 CASE Studentship (with Citizens Advice, supervised with Jackie Carter)

Yuliya Kulynych 'Female Skateboarding and the city', SEED 1+3 Scholarship (supervised with Saskia Warren, Kevin Ward and Clare Holdsworth)

Poppy Budworth 'Lived experiences of young ‘ostomates’: negotiations with space, stigma, and identity'ESRC +3 CASE Studentship (with Get Your Belly Out, supervised with Caitlin Henry and Bethan Evans)

Current PhD Students across the North West:

Alex Kendrick 'Everyday sexism and lad culture on university campuses' ESRC +3 Open Award (University of Liverpool, supervised with Bethan Evans, Lucy Jackson, Jen Turner and Mark Riley)

Tasmin Fisher 'Young people’s wellbeing and autotelic practices: a narrative inquiry of youth engagement', ESRC 1+3 Open Award (Keele University, supervised with Clare Holdsworth and Lisa Dikomitis) 

Oli McDowell 'Urban food and community economies [title tbc]' ESRC +3 Open Award (University of Liverpool, supervised with Pete North and Andy Davies)

Gabby Sale 'Migrant women and austerity', ESRC +3 Open Award (University of Liverpool, supervised with Kathy Burrell, Arshad Isakjee and Andy Davies)

Hannah Slocombe, 'Beyond food banks', ESRC +3 Open Award (University of Liverpool, supervised with Kathy Burrell and Morag Rose)