Dr Sarah Devaney

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

Research interests


Regulation of Professionals

Sarah conducts research on the regulation of professionals in science and medicine. In science, this has led her to consider the effectiveness of reputation as a regulatory tool in research science; while in relation to medical practice, she has recently considered with colleagues the duty on healthcare practitioners to obtain consent in pandemic conditions and the issue of whether healthcare practitioners should be immune from negligence liability in pandemic conditions.


Regulation of Emerging (Bio)technologies

One of Sarah's research interests is the regulation of fast-moving research in biotechnology. Focussing on stem cell research, her monograph, Stem Cell Research and the Collaborative Regulation of Innovation (Routledge: 2014) drew on regulatory theories and applied them to emerging stem cell knowledge and applications.

She is currently part of a project team investigating the capacity for blockchain technology to allow citizens to choose whether and, if so, how they can share their health data with others.


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