Dr Sam Hay


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Most of the group is shared/co-supervised among others in the MIB and School of Chemistry.

Core members:

  Sam Hay  

  group leader  



  Dr Linus Johannissen

  experimental officer,

  computational chemistry  


  Dr Aled Roberts 


  functional (bio)materials


  Andreea Iorgu   

  former 'MAGIC' PhD student

  and now postdoc, heavy enzymes



  Sylwia Czarnota  

  'MAGIC' PhD student

  NMR and methyl transferases




Andrew Stewart, PhD 2018, now at Emory University

Stefan Görlich , postdoc 2015-17, now at TU Dresden.

Claudio dos Santos, PhD 2016, now at Waters Corp.

James Longbotham, postdoc 2014-15, now at UCSF.

Julius Rentergent, PhD 2015, now at Brandeis University.

Max Driscoll, postdoc 2011-2014

Biomolecular EPR facility

I also manage the EPR facility in the MIB, which is run by Dr Murali Shanmugam.