Prof Ruth Boaden

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Much of the multi-disciplinary research I have been involved in has focused on evaluation of policy and change programmes  within the NHS, in order to inform decisions about service provision for patients.

I led a highly-rated impact case study for the Research Excellence Framework in 2014, titled “Improving health through an evidence-based implementation programme” which drew on the work of the CLAHRC and demonstrated the impact of an assessment tool developed using knowledge from applied research into knowledge translation and service improvement, for reviews six months after people have had a stroke. The flexible assessment tool (GM-SAT) that can be used by a range of practitioners is now in use across England in a range of providers, enabling the fulfilment of national strategy and improved care for these patients.

As a co-investigator on a high-profile HS&DR funded evaluation of the reconfiguration of acute stroke services in London and Manchester (10/1009/09), where I led the Manchester qualitative analysis, I worked with the clinical lead to explain the results of this work to decision makers in Manchester, leading to a further reconfiguration of services which is now providing further benefit for patients in receiving timely and appropriate care after stroke.

I also have a track record of research into quality and safety improvement  within the NHS, which has direct relevance to patients, and is the area in which I first developed research within a healthcare context during the early 2000s.