Dr Rupert Cox


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1. Key Ideas in Social Anthropology(UG, PG-MA) Lectures and seminars.


2.  Anthropology Today(UG, PG-MA). Lectures and Seminars.


3. Regional Studies of Culture– Japan. (1STyear, UG) Lectures, Film screenings.


4. Photography as a Research Method(PG Research course); Lectures, practical exercises.


5. From Real to Reel: History of Documentary film. (UG, PG,MA core course) Lectures, Screenings, Seminars.


6. Visual Culture and Media Pt.1(UG & PG) Lectures, Film screenings, seminars and practical exercises 


7. Ethnographic Documentary Film (PG-MA), Workshops and practical exercises in documentary filmmaking.


8. Advanced Anthropological Theory. (PG-MA) Lectures and Seminars.


9. Art. Science and Public Anthropology(UG, PG) Lectures, Film screenings, seminars


10.Anthropology of Sound. (UG, PG) Lectures, film screenings, seminars and practical exercises. 


11.Documentary Practice and Sensory Media(MA) Lectures, practical workshops in sound recording, photography and art installation.