Dr Rupert Cox


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Research interests


Regional specialisation:

•Aircraft noise the US military and Pacific war memories in Japan and the Asia Pacfic

•Visual and Material exchanges between Japan and Europe in the sixteenth century.

•Zen, asceticism and the traditional arts in Japan.

•Zen, Silence and place in Japan.

Topical interests:

•Art-Science collaboration 

•Political ecology of noise 

•Military environments and public health

•Sound art practice and the anthropology of sound

•Sensory ethnography

My regional orientation is Japan where my doctoral research investigated the Zen Arts, (e.g. tea ceremony and the martial arts). Subsequently I completed another multi-sited study into the idea of Japan as a 'copying culture'. Through these projects I developed interests in visual anthropology and in art-making as ethnographic practice.  In my most recent research I have been concerned to incorporate questions about vision and the application of visual means into sensory anthropology.  I have focused on sound as a medium and sound recording as a practice to address issues of representation and perception in Zen sites in Japan and to pursue an ongoing study of the political ecology and cultural history of the sound of US military aircraft in military bases, focusing on Okinawa, Japan.

Examples of this work are at
https://vimeo.com/240503920 (password pachipachi)



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