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I received my MA and PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, finishing in 1998. I have had fellowships with the Royal Asiatic Society and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, grants from the British Academy, Japan Foundation, Economic and Social Research Council, and Wellcome Trust; taught at Edinburgh, Oxford Brookes and London University (SOAS) and held a visiting position at Okinawa Coillege of Technology. I am co-director of the film company 'Native Voice Films' and have been involved in a number of different film, sound-art and gallery productions.

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At doctoral level, I am currently supervising seven students who are undertaking practice based PhD’s and using digital media and studio practice in a variety of ways. To give you three examples: One student is using drawing and the form of the graphic novel so as to produce an experimental ethnography about men who sell sex to men in Manchester’s canal district. Through his ESRC award, I recently arranged for this student to spend 3 months at California College of the Arts in San Francisco developing his drawing practice with the illustrator Barron Storey. Another PhD student is already a University Senior Lecturer in Media Arts and his thesis is a reflection on twenty years of community arts practice in Luxembourg. Finally, a student from Columbia who is a public health professional is making his own public art sculptures to engage with misconceptions about dengue disease in Columbia. Other students are almost all engaged on topics that touch on museums, heritage, art and visual culture in some way.



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