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Research interests

Research Associate at the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU).

I am a social sciences researcher with a background in psychology.

You can follow me on Twitter @RJasperUoM and PSSRU outputs can be found @PSSRUManchester

My research interests include:

  • Older people and mental health
  • Community mental health teams and social care provision
  • Dementia specific care
  • Workforce wellbeing in multidisciplinary teams.

I currently work on the NIHR Programme Grant Effective Home Support in Dementia Care: Components, Impacts and Costs of Tertiary Prevention which aims to discern different models of home support and evaluate their cost-effectiveness in providing care for people with dementia and their carers.  

Previous work includes:

Commissioning Home Care for Older People study funded by the NIHR SSCR which explored local authority commissioning and contracting arrangements relating to home care provision for older people. Developing an understanding of current practice will provide evidence to inform decisions about the most effective approaches. 

Care Coordination: Exploring and Informing the Emerging Role of the Non-statutory Sector in Long-Term Aged Care in England project which aims to enhance understanding of this area and inform the practice and management of care coordination activities for older people within the non-statutory sector. 

National Trends and Local Delivery in Old Age Mental Health Services: Towards an Evidence Base.  Research that explored the range of different models of community mental health teams to provide an evaluation of their relative costs and benefits.  It examined care home outreach to identify different forms of approaches to providing specialist mental health support.

Improving Health Services for European Citizens with Dementia (RightTimePlaceCare) Research across eight European countries (funded by the EU) to identify the differences in the capacity of community services to support people at home, the reasons for this variation, and good practice strategies for more effective and efficient care for people with dementia.

Methodological knowledge

Qualitative and quantitative research design and analysis, thematic analysis, focus groups, semi-structured interviews, field work observations, secondary data analysis, survey and questionnaire design, literature reviews (systematic, narrative, scoping) and discrete choice experiment analysis.


Research and projects

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