Prof Rosalie David OBE, BA, PhD, FRSA

Emeritus Professor

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The development of a new university specialisation - biomedical research in Egyptology - has enabled us to provide a different approach to understanding the civilisation of ancient Egypt (studies elsewhere are based on archaeological and literary evidence). The unique KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, established in 2003, provides the opportunity to pursue a major research programme in this area, building on the Manchester Egyptian Mummy Research Project, initiated in 1973. Some research projects involve collaboration with science institutions in Egypt.
Studies on Disease and Living Conditions in Ancient Egypt.
Identifying diseases and disease patterns in Egyptian mummies. An international collaboration has studied the epidemiology of schistosomiasis over a 5,000-year period in ancient and modern Egypt. The International Ancient Egyptian Mummy Tissue Bank was established at Manchester in 1997 to facilitate this and other research.
Current studies focus on dietary and health patterns associated with various social groups in ancient Egypt (e.g., atherosclerosis), and the possible effect of climate change on diet and health.

Pharmacy in Ancient Egypt Project.
Combined historical and scientific investigation of the therapeutic regimes used in ancient Egypt and their possible contribution to modern treatments.

Ancient Egyptian Religion; the History of Medicine.
Contribution that biomedical/scientific studies can make to these areas.


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