Dr Roger J. Braithwaite

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I worked for many years on Greenland problems (1979-94), mainly dealing with the Greenland ice sheet, but I am now increasingly interested by problems of global glaciology. Perhaps I should say "re-interested" as I helped to prepare Fluctuations of Glaciers Volume III (1977) and I edited the proceedings of the Riederalp workshop on World Glacier Inventory (1980).

After arriving at the University of Manchester in 1994, I finished off several papers on Greenland glaciology and then I switched to global glaciology, with an emphasis on glacier-climate modelling. Although I was an early worker in the field of energy balance modelling, I did not consider this sort of model as very suitable for modelling global glaciology and I preferred to use, and extend, the degree-day model that I developed and tested during my Greenland work. For the application of the degree-day model, I have had to look carefully at the characteristics of observed mass balance series that are well documnents in successive volumes of Fluctuations of Glacier. So my early on Volume III has paid. In particular I designed the digital format that is srill used for data reporting in this series.


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