Dr Roelof Van Silfhout


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I welcome enquiries from candidates for PhD research in several areas:

Novel methods in optical microscopy

Using polarisation and phase contrast in combination with structured light illumination innovative 3D microscopy methods come to life that find applications in many areas. A well equipped low- vibration laboratory is available with both laser and high brightness broad spectrum light sources.

X-ray beam shaping, imaging and detection

Exciting developments in generating, characterising and measuring X-ray beams are taking place in a very interdisciplinary field that combines physics, electronics and mechanical design. My group has developed a strong international collaboration in which novel detection and diagnostics equipment is developed. Some of these inventions are closely developed further in close collaboration with industry.

Embedded Vision Systems

Smart cameras is a rather poor description for image sensors with the capability to perform some image processing tasks inside the camera. Often this relates to rather basic tasks that could hardly be called 'smart'. Embedded Vision Systems merge three modern electronic components: microprocessors, programmable logic and high-resolution image sensors. We have shown that an optimised system that integrates all three types of devices is able to perform real-time image processing, interpretation, feature extraction and compression tasks. These systems are used extensively in our own microscopes and X-ray detectors but find many other applications.