Mr Rodosthenis Charalampous

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PhD Project Title: Communication and Localisation using Underwater Acoustics

My research is concerned with the study of underwater acoustic communication within confined, unstructured environments. The underwater acoustic (also known as hydroacoustic) channel represents one of nature’s most demanding communication media and its study within a limited, cluttered setting entails a set of challenges. These challenges will be investigated in order to produce a set of performance analyses of hydroacoustics which will enable the development and experimental evaluation of an underwater communication and localisation system. Moreover, the application of other modes of communication such as Radiofrequency (RF) or optical will be considered to address limitations posed by hydroacoustics or to enhance the capabilities of the system. The system will be supported by an Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (UWSN) infrastructure and will be capable of being retrofitted to existing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and incorporated into future Underwater Autonomous Vehicle (UAV) designs.


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