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I have various research interests within the broad areas of public opinion, electoral chocie and party politics. Some of the projects I am currently involved in, or recently completed include:

With Scott Blinder (Oxford) and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten (Bergen) , I am investigating how the interaction between racial prejudices and anti-racist norms influences the politics of immigration and the anti-immigrant far-right in Europe.

With Matthew Goodwin (Kent) I am continuing research into the rise of the radical right in Britain, and the role radical right politics in Brexit. 

With Anthony Heath (Manchester and Oxford) I am researching public opinion about immigration in Britain and Europe. We have helped design and field a number of new measures on both the British Social Attitudes survey and the European Social Survey (the latter in collaboration with a large team of European colleagues).

With Anouk Kootstra (Manchester and Amsterdam), Marcel Coenders and Menno van Setten (both Utrecht) I have commissioned and fielded a large new two country panel study "The Welfare State Under Strain" to look at public views of welfare and welfare recipients, and how these are influenced by diversity, immigration and austerity.

With Maria Sobolewska (Manchester) and Paul Sniderman (Stanford) I am looking at the resilience of tolerant attitudes towards Muslims, both in general and in specific response to terror attacks.  


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