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Professor of Breast Biology

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Director of the Manchester Breast Centre, comprising 37 basic, translational and clinician scientists active in breast cancer research:

Founder Member and Treasurer, European Network for Breast Development and Cancer (ENBDC):

Founder Member, EurOPDX Consortium:

Editorial Board: Breast Cancer Research and Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia

Latest Publications:

Smith MP, Ferguson HR, Ferguson J, Zingdy E, Kowalczyk KM, Kedward T, Bates C, Parsons J, Watson J, Chandler S, Fullwood P, Warwood S, Knight D, Clarke RB and Francavilla C (2021) Reciprocal Priming between Receptor Tyrosine Kinases at Recycling Endosomes Orchestrates Cellular Signalling Outputs, EMBO J, e107182.

Timbrell S, Aglan H, Cramer A, Foden P, Weaver DT, Pachter J, Kilgallon A, Clarke RB, Farnie G, Bundred NJ (2021) Focal Adhesion Kinase inhibition in combination with paclitaxel reduces breast cancer stem cell activity in triple negative breast cancer. NPJ Breast Cancer, 7: 65.

Bach K, Pensa S, Zarocsinceva M, Kania K, Stockis J, Pinaud S, Lazarus KA, Shehata M,  Greenhalgh AR,  Simões BM, Howell SJ,  Clarke RB, Caldas C, Halim TYF, Marioni JC and Khaled WT (2021) Time-resolved single-cell analysis of Brca1 associated mammary tumorigenesis reveals aberrant differentiation of luminal progenitors Nature Communications, 12(1):1502.

Woo et al., PDXNET consortium & EurOPDX consortium (Clarke RB) (2021) Conservation of copy number profiles during engraftment and passaging of patient-derived cancer xenografts. Nature Genetics, 53(1):86-99.


I am Professor of Breast Biology and Director of the Manchester Breast Centre, based at the Oglesby Cancer Research Building.  My undergraduate BSc studies were in Biology at the University of Sussex and the Université de Grenoble.  Following two and half years as a Research Assistant with Chris Potten at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, I studied the control of proliferation in the normal and neoplastic human mammary gland for my PhD at The University of Manchester (1995). Subsequently, my post-doctoral training was with Dr Liz Anderson in the Clinical Research Department of The Christie, Manchester, and in 2001, I returned to The University of Manchester as a Group Leader in the Division of Cancer Sciences. I was Lecturer and Cancer Research UK Research Fellow from 2001-2006, a Senior Lecturer and Breast Cancer Now Research Fellow from 2006-2011 and a Reader in Breast Biology from 2014.


BSc (Hons), PhD

Memberships of committees and professional bodies

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Chair of the Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Grants Committee (Europe), 2019-2021

Committee Member, NC3Rs Fellowships, 2020 - 

Organising committee for the 14th European Network for Breast Development and Cancer (ENBDC) Workshop, Luzern, Switzerland, 29-30 April, 2022.

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