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I am a Reader and Head of Science Operations and User Support for the e-MERLIN/VLBI National Facility. I also play a key role within the University of Manchester's Interferometric Centre of Excellence which draws together research and operational staff working on e-MERLIN, VLBI, ALMA, LOFAR and the SKA. Along with this I am co-Chair of the SKA molecular spectral line science working group.

My main areas of research are extragalactic radio astronomy, encompassing star-formation and accretion processes through cosmic time, spectral line observations at high resolution, transient astronomical events and radio interferometric techniques. I am PI (along with Ian McHardy, Southampton) of the e-MERLIN Legacy project, Legacy e-MERLIN Multi-band imaging of Nearby Galaxies (LeMMINGS), which has been granted a total of 810hrs of e-MERLIN time. This programme will image 300 nearby galaxies with sub-arcsecond resolutions and microJansky sensitivities.

My former PDRA (2012-2016), Megan Argo, now edits the Active Galaxies Newsletter, which is a monthly electronic newsletter serving researchers in the broad area of active galaxies. Currently the newsletter has over 600 active subscribers and is available via email or the web. For more information see the newsletter website or email agnews(at)manchester.ac.uk.


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