Prof Ricardo Climent

Professor of Interact Music Composition

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Research interests

Research Interests and Thesis I conduct

Specific research interests and areas of supervision:

I am specifically interested on portfolio proposals in musical composition involving Immersive Media Environments (I only accept highly experimental proposals though). I am also very keen to shape and discuss proposals across the disciplines of music creativity, sciences and engineering, as long as they bring a new perspective to existing research. Along these lines, applicants should think of proposals embracing specific technologies for music creativity, including machine learning, biometrics, IoT, biochemistry, architecture and mathematics and DNA-RNA. I will be keen to facilitate conversion to research with strong potential to spin-out or with clear routes to market, especially when it comes to Social Ventures. University of the Manchester is one of the best places in the world to undertake interdisciplinary research. We have a strong record of matching co-supervision across other schools in areas of computer science, machine learning, molecular chemistry and visual anthropology.

PhD Students I currently supervise:

  • Chris Rhodes (EPSRC), UK- Sonifying the self: Biological Data as the New Paradigm for Interactive Music Composition with Machine Learning for biometrics- Co-supervised match by Dr Richard Allmendinger (AMBS)
  • Hongshuo Fan (GigaHerz Prize), China - Interactive multi-media performance systems in the IoT era (Internet of Things and Machine Learning for music)
  • Harry Ovington, UK- World Audification; Environmental Datasets and Indigenous Instrumentation as a Basis for Sculpting Electroacoustic Compositions. Co-supervised match by Dr Rupert Cox (visual Anthropology)
  • Tasos Asonitis (EPSRC), Greece: From the Perspective of the Machine: Sonification and Visualisation of neural network embeddings as a cutting-edge resource for audiovisual composition and a means to illuminate the process of machine learning". Co-supervised match by Dr Richard Allmendinger (AMBS)

PhD Students I have supervised as first at UoM (now Dr)

  • Falk Morawitz (Germany)- Molecular Sonification, composition and social awareness.  Co-supervised match by Prof Gareth A Morris, School of Chemistry
  • Julián Ávila- Sausor (Spain)- Spectral Diffusion and Spectral Energy in Electroacoustic Composition
  • Richard Scott (UK) - Hybrid Strategies for Electroacoustic Music Composition and Improvisation
  • Mario Duarte (Mexico) - Biological Processes applied to musical composition
  • Haruka Hirayama (Japan) - Live Interactive Composition across alternative medium 
  • Andrew Garbett (UK) - Live Interactive Composition (with orchestral forces)
  • Rosalia Soria (Mexico) - State Space Models / Physical Models and interactive mixed composition
  • Jose Ignacio Pecino Rodriguez (Spain) - Procedural Audio in game-engines and Locativeaudio applied to Music Composition – Founder at
  • Kaho Cheung (Hong Kong) - Rapid Transit Systems (a portfolio of music compositions)
  • Manuella Blackburn (UK) - Applied Spectromorphology to Compositional Processes
  • Mauricio Pauly (Costa Rica) - A portfolio of musical compositions – Founder at Distractfold
  • Josh Kopecek (UK) - A portfolio of Live Interactive Composition – Founder at
  • Sam Salem (UK) - 50% co-supervised with Prof Berezan - A portfolio of Acousmatic Composition – Founder at Distractfold
  • Mark Pilkington (UK) (GigaHerz Prize)- - 50% co-supervised with Prof Berezan - The Audiovisual Contract and Composition

Other research

I am currently working on audio cryptography and steganography applied in he context of the augmented city. If you would like to see progress, please visit my research diary here:


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