Prof Ricardo Climent

Professor of Interact Music Composition

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Research interests

Research Interests and Thesis I conduct

Specific research interests and areas of supervision:

  • Dynamic or mosaic-type real-time scores for instruments, live media
  • Immersive and locative GameAudio environments

PhD Students I supervise:

  • Falk Morawitz (Germany)- Molecular Sonification, composition and social awareness.  Co-supervised by Prof Gareth A Morris, School of Chemistry
  • Alejandro Aspinwall - Procedural audio in game-engines for immersive sound environments
  • Julián Ávila- Sausor (Spain)- Spectral Diffusion and Spectral Energy in Electroacoustic Composition
  • Richard Scott (UK) -  Hybrid Strategies for Electroacoustic Music Composition and Improvisation
  • Mario Duarte (Mexico) -  Biological Processes applied to musical composition
  • Ka Yau Lau (Hong Kong) - Soundscape Composition - Cities within Cities [Submitting in 2015]
  • Haruka Hirayama (Japan) - Live Interactive Composition across alternative medium [Submitting in 2015]
  • Andrew Garbett (UK) - Live Interactive Composition
  • Irma Catalina -Intercalating

PhD Students I have supervised (now Dr)

  • Rosalia Soria (Mexico) - State Space Models / Physical Models and interactive mixed composition
  • Jose Ignacio Pecino Rodriguez (Spain) - Procedural Audio in game-engines and Locativeaudio applied to Music Composition 
  • Kaho Cheung (Hong Kong) - Rapid Transit Systems (a portfolio of music compositions)
  • Manuella Blackburn (UK) - Applied Spectromorphology to Compositional Processes
  • Mauricio Pauly (Costa Rica) - A portfolio of music compositions
  • Josh Kopecek (UK) -A portfolio of Live Interactive Composition
  • Sam Salem (UK) - 50% co-supervised with Prof Berezan - A portfolio of Acousmatic Composition 
  • Mark Pilkington (UK) - Co-supervised with Prof Berezan - The Audiovisual Contract and Composition

Other research

I am currently working on audio cryptography and steganography applied in he context of the augmented city. If you would like to see progress, please visit my research diary here:


Research and projects

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