Dr Rhodri Jerrett

Lecturer in Geology

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Recent Funding Highlights

2021-23: CAPOC (Central Atlantic Paleo-Oceans and Climates) Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA), CAD 212K (Co-I with Jonathan Redfern, Gregory Price and Luc Bulot).

2019-22: Testing the "Equable Earth" hypothesis. NERC Standard Grant, £582K (PI with Co-Is Sabine Lengger, Bart Van Dongen and Gregory Price).

 2013-16: CASCADE (UK Carboniferous Shale Resource Assessment, Characterization and Development Evaluation). NERC Knowledge Exchange, £90K (Co-I with PI Kevin Taylor).

 2012-16: “Breathitt” Project (Intrinsic and extrinsic controls on fluvio-deltaic sand body geometries). Statoil AS, £48K (Co-I with PI Stephen Flint).


PhD Students Supervised

Alfie Mackie (Liverpool; Liverpool; 2019-) Co-S with LS Christopher Stevenson (Liverpool) and Co-S Rob Duller (Liverpool), Ian Kane (Manchester) and Miquel Poyatos More (Oslo). Bypass to deposition: architecture and processes in channel-lobe transition zones.

Ashley Ayckbourne (NERC CDT; Manchester; 2018-). LS with Co-S Ian Kane and Kevin Taylor (Manchester), Matthew Watkinson (Plymouth) and Miquel Poyatos-More (Oslo). Controls of mass wasting on sedimentation processes and heterogeneity in slope mudstone reservoirs.

Peter Wooldrige (NERC DTP; Liverpool; 2017-). Co-S with LS Rob Duller (Liverpool). Basin-scale sedimentary architecture and intra-basin facies distribution.

Grant Cole (Plymouth; Plymouth University; 2016-19). Co-S with PS Matthew Watkinson (Plymouth) and Co-S Mark Anderson (Plymouth).Combined salt and extensional tectonic controls on facies distribution in the Early Cretaceous of the Maestrat Basin, Spain.

Sarah Newport (Manchester; NERC DTP; 2014-19). Co-S with PS Kevin Taylor (Manchester) and Co-I Richard Worden (Liverpool). The Carboniferous Bowland Shale Formation (UK): Understanding the Sedimentological and Diagenetic Processes in a potential Shale gas Exploration Play.

Madeleine Vickers (Plymouth; Plymouth University; 2014-18). Co-S with PS Gregory Price (Plymouth) and Co-S Matthew Watkinson (Plymouth). High latitude climate during the Cretaceous.


Masters Students Supervised

Mason Lees (2020). (PS with Co-S Ian Kane). Characterisation of a distributive fluvial system: the Hyden Formation of the Breathitt Group, Appalachian Foreland Basin, USA. MSc.

Kierran Smith (2019). (PS with Co-S Ian Kane). "When is a channel not a channel? The Eocene Fosado System, South Central Pyrenees". MEarthSci.

Alec Barnett (2017) (PS with Co-S Ian Kane). Quantifying the palaeohydrology of giant fossil rivers in the Carboniferous of the Cnetral Appalachian basin, USA. MEarthSci.

Kristian Eirhirhie (2016) “The Influence of Basement Structures and Oblique Foreland Development on Stratigraphic Patterns and Net to Gross in the Mid-Palaeozoic strata of the Central Appalacian Basin, Eastern Kentucky” (PS, with Co-S Rufus Brunt). MSc.

Mutari Lawal (2016) “Numerical modelling of transverse sediment transport in forleand basins and implications for reservoir characterisation” (Co-S with PS Emma Finch). MSc.

Sylverster Bamkole (2015): “Reservoir Characterisation of Upper Carboniferous fluvio-deltaic sand bodies and shale geometries in the Upper Breathitt Group, Central Appalachian Basin (Eastern Kentucky, USA) and an assessment of their role in conventional and unconventional petroleum systems” (PS, with Co-S Rufus Brunt). MSc.

Laura Bennie (2014). “Facies model for river dominated, tidally influenced mouthbars and the implications for reservoir prone units: a case study fro, the Upper Carboniferous Breathitt Group of eastern Kentucky, USA” (PS, with Co-S Stephen Flint). MSc.



Full list of Publications

Cole, G., Jerrett, R.M., Watkinson, M.P. (2021) A stratigraphic example of the architecture and evolution of shallow water mouth bars. Sedimentology. https://doi.org/10.1111/sed.12825

C.J. Lüthje, G. Nichols, R.M. Jerrett (2020) Sedimentary facies and reconstruction of a transgressive coastal plain with coal formation, Paleocene, Spitsbergen, Arctic Norway. Norwegian Journal of Geology, v. 100, 202010.

Burnham, B.S., Jerrett, R.M., Hodgett, D. Flint, S.S. (2020) Discriminating stacked distributary channel from palaeovalley fill sand bodies in foreland basin settings. Sedimentary Geology, 398,  10559.

Vickers M., Price G.D., Jerrett R.M., Sutton P., Watkinson M.P. & Fitzpatrick, M. (2019) The duration and magnitude of Cretaceous cool events: Evidence from the northern high latitudes. Geological Society of America Bulletin.

Arantegui A., Jerrett R.M., Schröder S., Bulot L.G., Gatto R., Monari S. & Redfern, J. (2019) Constraining Mesozoic early post-rift depositional systems evolution along the eastern Central Atlantic Margin. Sedimentary Geology, 386, 31-51.

Vickers M.L., Watkinson M., Price G.D., & Jerrett R.M. (2018) An improved model for the ikaite-glendonite transformation: evidence from the Lower Cretaceous of Spitzbergen, Svalbard. Norwegian Journal of Geology, 98, 1-15.

Newport, S., Jerrett, R.M., Taylor, K.G., Hough, E, Worden, R.H. (2018) Sedimentology and microfacies of mud-rich slope successions: the Carboniferous Bowland Basin, NW England. Journal of the Geological Society,175, 247-262.

Jerrett, R.M., Flint, S.S., Brunt, R.L. (2017) Palaeovalleys in foreland ramp settings:  what happens as accommodation decreases down dip? Basin Research, 29, 747-774.

Jerrett, R.M., Bennie, L.I., Flint, S.S. & Greb, S.F. (2016) Extrinsic and intrinsic controls on mouth bar and mouth bar complex architecture: examples from the Pennsylvanian (upper Carboniferous) of the central Appalachian Basin, Kentucky, USA. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 128, 1696-1716.

Vickers M.L., Price G.D., Jerrett R.M. & Watkinson M. (2016) Stratigraphic and geochemical expression of Barremian–Aptian global climate change in Arctic Svalbard. Geosphere, 12, 1594-1605.

Jerrett, R.M., Price, G.D., Grimes, S.T., & Dawson, A.T. (2015). A paleoclimatic and paleoatmospheric record from peatlands accumulating during the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary event, Western Interior Basin, Canada. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 127, 1564-1582.

Jerrett, R.M., Flint, S. S., Davies, R. C. & Hodgson, D. M. (2011). Sequence stratigraphic interpretation of a Pennsylvanian (Upper Carboniferous) coal from the central Appalachian Basin, USA. Sedimentology, 58, 1190-1207.

Jerrett, R.M., Hodgson, D. M., Flint, S. S., & Davies, R. C. (2011). Control of relative sea-level and climate on coal character in the Westphalian C (Atokan) Four Corners Formation, central Appalachian Basin, USA. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 81, 420-445.

Jerrett, R.M., Davies, R. C., Hodgson, D. M., Flint, S. S. & Chiverrell, R. C. (2011). The significance of hiatal surfaces in coal seams. Journal of the Geological Society, 168, 629-632.

Jerrett, R.M. & Hampson, G. J. (2007). Sequence stratigraphy of the upper Millstone Grit (Yeadonian, Namurian), North Wales. Geological Journal, 42, 513-530.

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