Dr Renate Smithuis

Honorary Research Fellow

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RELT10191: Introduction to Judaism

RELT20042: Religion and Science in the Time of the Crusades: God, Nature and Science in Medieval Jewish, Christian and Muslim Thought

RELT20170/RELT30380: Biblical Hebrew Texts I and II (together with Professor George Brooke)

RELT30701: The Jewish-Christian-Muslim Controversy from the Earliest Times till the End of the Middle Ages

(RELT30210: Reading Rashi (medieval Hebrew language course) offered only in case of sufficient interest)


I can offer various Directed Reading Courses depending on demand. Thus my third level Controversies course can be taken as such. In addition, I am involved in team-teaching the following MA core courses in Jewish Studies:

RELT70561: Jews among Christians and Muslims

RELT70001: Bible and Early Judaism in Context

Office hours

Thursday and Friday 12-1pm (during term time only)