Dr Reinmar HagerMSc, PhD


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Our research utilizes experimental and bioinformatics approaches to investigate key questions in evolutionary biology, behavioural ecology and complex trait research.

We are interested in the genetic and epigenetic basis of sociality and plasticity, and combine behavioural work in insect and mouse model systems with an analysis of genetic and non-genetic mechanisms using methylation, expression and CRISPR technologies.


Postdoctoral Appointments
2018 Senior Lecturer, Manchester
2011 Lecturer, Manchester
2008 NERC Research Fellow, Manchester
2005 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Manchester
2004 Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Cambridge

2004 PhD, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
1999 MSc (Diplom-Biologe), University of Würzburg
1996-1997 Undergraduate studies in biology, University of Edinburgh
1993-1996 Undergraduate studies in economics, psychology, law and biology, Universities of Kassel, Munich and Stuttgart

Awards & Distinctions
2009-2014 DFG Emmy Noether Group Leader, LMU Munich (declined)
2009         World Health Summit, Berlin, invitation
2008-2011 NERC Research Fellowship
2005-2007 DFG Emmy Noether Research Fellowship
2002-2003 Senior Rouse Ball Scholarship, Trinity College


External and Internal Committees

2017-present Board of Governors

2017-present Senate

2016-present School Lead for International Postgraduate Research

2016-present NERC Panel C and IOF panel

2012-present NERC Peer Review College

2008-present General Assembly

2012-2015 Board of Governors

2012-2015 Senate

2014-2015 University Staffing Committee

2011-2016 Postgraduate Tutor


Plenaries: 6 international plenaries
Seminars: 33 invited University seminars, 56 conference contributions
Media: research featured in numerous international media, e.g. Der Standard, Der Tagespiegel, Nature, Noorderlicht, Science, Westdeutsche Rundfunk, BBC News

Editorial Boards
2018-present  BMC Evolutionary Biology, Associate Editor
2014-2018     BMC Genetics, Associate Editor
2010-2014     Frontiers in Genetics of Complex Traits, Review Editor

Social Responsibility
2014-present  Vice Chair: The Portico Trust Charity, Manchester
2012-present  Director: The Portico Library, Manchester

Publications Summary (Peer-reviewed)
Total number:           56
First or last author:   48
Book: Hager R, Jones CB. 2009. Reproductive Skew. Cambridge UP.

Key Publications

Ashbrook DG, Gini B, Hager R. 2016. Genetic variation in offspring indirectly influences the quality of maternal behaviour in mice. eLife, 10.7554/eLife.11814

Hager R, Lu L, Rosen GD, Williams RW. 2012. Genetic architecture supports mosaic brain evolution and independent brain-body regulation. Nature Communications, 3, 1079.

Nonacs P, Hager R. 2011. The past, present and future of reproductive skew theory and experiments. Biological Reviews, 86, 271-298.

Cheverud JM, Hager R, Roseman C, Fawcett G, Wang B, Wolf JB. 2008. Genomic imprinting effects on adult body composition in mice. PNAS, 105, 4253-4258.

Wolf JB, Cheverud JM, Roseman C, Hager R. 2008. Genome-wide analysis reveals a complex pattern of genomic imprinting in mice. PLoS Genetics, 4, e1000091.

Wolf JB, Hager R. 2006. A maternal-offspring coadaptation theory for the evolution of genomic imprinting. PLoS Biology, 4(12)

Hager R, Johnstone RA. 2003. The genetic basis of family conflict resolution in mice. Nature, 421, 533-535.

Roulin A, Hager R. 2003. Indiscriminate nursing in communal breeders: A role for genomic imprinting. Ecology Letters 6, 165-166

Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains

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