Dr Rebecca Whiteley

Shreeve Fellow, the History of Medicine

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Research interests

My research interests lie in the intersections of medical, art, social and material histories. I have a particular interest in printed images and book illusrations. I explore such images as both artworks in their own right, and as essential contributions to the book as a material and an epistemological object.

My PhD thesis examined early modern printed images of the fetus in utero, or 'birth figures'. It sought to examine how these popular printed images were used and understood by people of different kinds, and how they both reflected and influenced early modern cultures of the body, midwifery, and visual representation.

My current research focuses on midwifery illustration of the nineteenth century in England, and particularly on the collections of the Manchester man-midwife Thomas Radford. I am exploring what this archive of books and images (both print and manuscript) can tell us about how midwives and surgeons of the period were trained to think about, visualise and treat the pregnant body.


Research and projects

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