Prof Rebecca Herissone

Professor of Musicology

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My principal teaching specialisms comprise:

  • Study of the musical cultures of early modern England, particularly in the seventeenth Century, particularly topics related to creativity and material culture
  • Primary-source-related investigation of early modern music; manuscript and print cultures
  • Music historiography and critical assessment of musicological method
  • Reception study of early modern music
  • Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century musical performance practices; relating performance to academic musical study
  • Issues relating to the concept of historically informed performance
  • Source study, notation (mensural and orthochronic) and editing
  • Topics in English music, society and culture, 1550-1750, particularly Restoration period.
  • Analysis of early music from 1550-1750
  • Ontological issues relating to music

Main course-units taught:

  • MUSC 20932: Early Opera
  • MUSC 10212: Musical Notation
  • MUSC 10511: Approaches to Musicology
  • MUSC 10512: Music in Context (Music, Society and Print in the 16th Century)
  • MUSC 30510: Advanced Study in Musicology (Receiving Restoration Music)
  • MUSC 30710: Advanced Study in Performance Issues
  • MUSC 30400: Dissertation (convenor and workshop director)
  • MUSC 60071: Advanced Music Studies
  • MUSC 40072: Historical or Contemporary Performance