Prof Rebecca Elliott , BA, PhD


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Collaborators and affiliated staff

Manchester collaborators:

  • Elise Kleyn and Chris Griffiths, Dermatology. Neural basis of emotional dysfunction in chronic skin disease
  • Anthony Jones, Rheumatology. Neural processing of pain.
  • Ian Bruce, Rheumatology. Neural correlates of mood disturbance and fatigue in Lupus.
  • Wael el-Deredy, School of Psychological Sciences. Reward processing mechanisms.
  • Daniela Montaldi, School of Psychological Sciences. Emotional memory in depression.
  • Penny Lewis, School of Psychological Sciences. Sleep and memory impairments in depression.
  • Adrian Heald, Endocrinology. Neural mechanisms of antipsychotic-induced weight gain.

UK/European collaborators:

  • Imperial College, University of Cambridge: new treatments for addiction.
  • Anna Barnes, University of Cambridge: fractal analysis in fMRI
  • Center for Integrated Molecular and Biological Imaging, Copenhagen: serotonin, impulsivity and depression.
  • Asa Hammer, Kenneth Hugdahl, University of Bergen: neural mechanisms of executive functioning in depression.