Dr Ray Lucas

Senior Lecturer in Architectural Studies

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Research interests

My primary research addresses the possiblities of an Anthropological Architecture orArchitectural Anthropology.  Rather than considering the anthropology of architectural practice, reporting on the processes of studio production, my position is to consider both how space is socially produced and to enable anthropological theory and methods to inform architectural practice.  To this end, I have been developing a multi-modal Graphic Anthroplogy methodology: parallel in some ways to the use of lens-based media in Visual Anthropology, but understanding the world around us more fully through drawings, diagrams, maps and notations.

Connected with this, I conduct anthropological research into the nature of creativity in architectural drawing and also into the relationship between film and architecture.  

I have a strong interest in the role of the senses in architecture and the city, having conducted research into soundscape and voice in the past.  I developed a system of Sensory Notation in a further project, which looked at the role of all the senses in what it presumed to be a visually biased discipline.

I have a regional focus on East Asia, with primary field sites in Seoul and Tokyo.


Research and projects

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