Dr Ray Lucas


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I am happy to supervise a range of PhD topics.

My primary research is into the intersections of architecture and anthropology.  As disciplines interested in how we dwell and make the world through complex sets of social relations, it is crucial that we can make use of the knowledge, theories and methods of anthropology to inform architecture at every scale from the individual dwelling up to the city and even the regions within which they sit.

I can supervise PhDs in architectural history and theory, with a particular interest in the history of drawing practices, the architecture of Japan, and representations of architecture.

I have significant experience of conducting research into sensory environments including soundscape and sensory notation.  This ties to ongoing research links with bodies including IAPS, the International Association of People-environment Studies.

The study of - and with - architectural drawing is particularly important to my research, and I have a strong interest in pursuing this field of study.

Film and architecture remains a research interest, forming a model for other intersections between architecture and the arts.  What is the power of using such practices as theoretical lenses for architecture, and how can we understand architecture through its fictional or artistic representations?