Dr Ransford A. Acheampong

Presidential Academic Fellow in Future Cities

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Research interests

My research is focused on the nexus between spatial development and transportation. The main themes I cover in my research include:

  • user adoption behaviour and urban impacts of emerging ICT-enabled mobility concepts, including conventional shared-mobility services and artificial intelligence driven smart mobility such as driverless vehicles;
  • land use and transport interaction modelling, applying microscopic modelling and dynamic simulation approaches to explore how urban spatial structure co-evolves with mobility patterns;
  • the interaction among built-environment and socio-psychological factors in determining sustainable mobility choices such as bicycling and walking in cities; and
  • comparative study of spatial planning systems with a particular interest in the systems and mechanisms through which spatial development goals are articulated and realized.

Methodological knowledge

The main methodologies I deploy in my research are from the quantitative social sciences. These include;

  • Agent-Based Modelling (ABM)
  • Geospatial Data Analysis,
  • Structural Equation Modelling (SEM); and
  • Multi-Criteria Foresight Methodologies.


Research Projects

  • 2017-2019: Surpass--how shared autonomous cars will transform cities– Irish Research Council (IRC)-funded research project  (with Federico Cugurullo (PI) and Ivana Dusparic (Co-PI)--Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
  • 2018: Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) at the University of Greenwich (UK) under COST Action CA16222-Wider Impacts and Scenario Evaluation of Autonomous and Connected Transport (WISE-ACT)-- STSM research grant support from the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (E-COST).
  • 2013-2017: Modelling the co-evolution of urban location choice and mobility patterns: An integrated geo-spatial and agent-based approach. PhD project funded by the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust
  • 2015: Co-PI, Developing an inventory of the typology of land-use planning systems and policy instruments in OECD Countries Project. An OECD-Funded Scoping study on land use systems and spatial planning instruments in OECD-countries


Research and projects

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