Dr Ralitza Dimova

Associate Professor (Reader) in Development Economics

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Current research students:

Peter Agamile: The potential of the new African green revolution for food and income security: critical assessment of the status of smallholder farmers in central Uganda (principal supervisor)

Lina Khrais: Labour markets and female empowerment in Jordan (principal supervisor)

Virgi Sari: State of art in social exclusion in Indonesia: does the social protection scheme protect the excluded (principal supervisor)

Kevwe Pela: Entrepreneurship in Nigeria (principal supervisor)

Olabimtan Adebowale: Access to finance in Nigeria (principal supervisor)

Graham Whitham: Child poverty in the UK (co-supervisor)

Juliet Ongwae: Mobile money innovations in Kenya (co-supervisor)

Lawrence Ado Kofie: Distributional aspects of educational access and attainment in Ghana (co-supervisor)

On the dissertation committee of

Stella Njoki Wambugu: Farmers' health and agriculture in less developed countries: Investigating famr households and wider health implicatiosn in rural Malawi (SOAS, University of London)

Vicente Rivera-Garcia: A comprehensive assessment of vulnerability, poverty and crime risks in Mexican urban households (Economics, SoSS, University of Manchester)

Antonio Baez: Three empirical essays on informality (Economics department, University of Barcelona)

Luke Harman: Cross-sector insights into the challenges of targeting and crowding out in agricultural and health voucher subsidy schemes: an economic analysis (SOAS, University of London)

MD Shafiul Azam: Microfinance in Bangladesh (Economics, SoSS, University of Manchester)

Marta Guerriero: The labour share, globalisation and democracy (IDPM, SEED, University of Manchester)

Mohammad Ibrahim: Rural off-farm employment in Nigeria (University of Reading)

Qiaoyuan Lin: Inequality of income and inequality of opportunity in China (Middlesex University, London)