Prof Rachel Watson BSc (Hons), PhD

Professor (Teaching & Research)

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Research interests

Our research focuses on understanding human ageing, with particular reference to skin. Ageing can be divided broadly into two catagories: that which occurs as a consequence of time (intrinsic ageing) and that which is the result of our interactions with the environment (extrinsic ageing). The major environmental factor which impacts upon skin is long-term sun exposure (ultraviolet radiation, UVR) , although other stimuli also exert effects (sun-bed use, smoking, atmospheric pollutants etc).

In addition to examining the mechanisms underlying skin ageing, we also have an interest in aiding the repair of skin once damaged. This includes: understanding how drugs, such as retinoids, interact with the skin to promote repair; dietary protection against UVR-mediated damage and performing 'proof of principle' in vivo clinical studies on emerging therapies.

Methodological knowledge

Dermatopharmacology Unit (Salford Royal Foundation NHS Trust)

  • 'Proof of principle' in vivo clinical studies to assess skin repair by emerging therapies

Research laboratory (Stopford Building)

Basic research labs with the capacity to perform:

  • Gene expression studies - in situ hybridization, qPCR, Affymetrix arrays
  • Protein studies - immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, Western blotting
  • Matrix metalloproteinase studies - zymography, in situ zymography


Research and projects

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