Prof Rachel Lennon BMedSci, BMBS, PhD, FRCPCH

Professor of Nephrology

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Research interests

Rachel's research is focussed on understanding mechanisms of glomerular disease, the leading cause of chronic kidney disease in adults and children since there is a massive unmet need to improve early detection and targeted treatment.The glomerular capillary wall is a highly sophisticated filtration barrier that comprises specialised endothelial cells, the glomerular basement membrane and podocytes. Cell-matrix adhesion is fundamentally required for barrier integrity and ultimately for renal survival. Rachel's research group have developed, optimised and utilised proteomic approaches to define the molecular landscape of cell-matrix adhesion in the glomerulus and have therefore created an ideal setting to interrogate disease processes in a global manner. Her ultimate aims are to improve our understanding of mechanisms of disease which will be the first step towards developing disease targeted treatment for children and adults with glomerular disease. 


Research and projects

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