Dr Rachael Powell PhD CPsychol


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Research interests

Experience of, and psychological preparation for, medical procedures

I am currently focussing on research into decision-making in people offered bone conduction hearing implants. I recently led a Cochrane systematic review 'Psychological preparation and postoperative outcomes for adults undergoing surgery under general anaesthesia' and I have worked (either as principal investigator or collaborator) on projects including: risk factors for chronic pain after surgery; preparation for MRI scanning; an intervention aiming to reduce time to presentation with lung cancer symptoms.


Behaviour change

I am collaborating on projects researching acceptability of physical activity interventions in older adults, and I am a co-investigator on a project evaluating interventions aimed at increasing physical activity in older adults across Greater Manchester.  I am also collaborating on a project aiming to enhance dental hygiene in stroke survivors and a systematic review investigating the effectiveness of social norms interventions for health professional behaviour change.


Use of novel testing/monitoring technology

This research has focussed on why people choose to use tests (particularly self-testing technology for sexually transmitted infections) and the impact of test use on individuals. 

Methodological knowledge



Systematic reviewing


Research and projects