Dr Polly Turner (CPsychol)

Clinical Lecturer

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Research interests

My research interests are, the application of positive psychology literature/theory to offending behaviour interventions and forensic settings; interventions for psychological trauma such as EMDR; staff support and well being in forensic settings; and therapeutic interventions for maladaptive personality traits/personality disorder.

Peer-reviewed journals: Published

Lambert, K., Chu, S & Turner, P (2019) Professional Boundaries of Nursing Staff in Secure Mental Health Services: Impact of Interpersonal Style and Attitude Toward Coercion. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, 57(2), 16-24.

Gredecki, N & Turner, P (2009) Positive Psychology and forensic clients: Applications to relapse prevention in offending behaviour interventions. British Journal of Forensic Practice, vol 11(4), 50-59

Turner, P & Ireland, J.L (2010) Do personality characteristics and beliefs about aggression predict intra-group aggression in prison settings? Aggressive Behaviour, 36(4), 261-270.

Turner, P & Ireland, J.L (2011) Officer attitudes towards intra-group aggression in young people and young adults: Does the reported motivation of an aggressor impact on intervention and support? International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 34, 309-316

Professional Journals: Published

Turner, P (2008) A review of the importance of reflective practice. Forensic Update, 94, 17-21

Turner, P (2009) Review of the treatment of substance misuse in mentally disordered offenders. Forensic Update, 99, 27-32

Book Chapters: Published

Gredecki, N & Turner, P (2011) Training in Forensic Psychology and professional issues. In Davey (Ed) Introduction to Applied Psychology. BPS Blackwell Publishing: London.

Contributions to clinical therapy packages

Turner, P (2009) Module One: Building motivation, enhancing resilience and recognising barriers to change. In Ireland, J.L (Ed) Life Minus Violence-Enhanced Therapy Package. Mersey Care NHS Trust.

Turner, P (2009) Module Nine: Enhancing resilience. In Gredecki & Ireland (Eds) Thinking Minds Therapy Package. Mersey Care NHS Trust.


Research and projects

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