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Ceramic Coating Research Group

Ceramic coating research group consists of 4 PDRAs, 15 PhD students, and one MPhil student. The research group is financially supported by EPSRC, BEIS, Rolls-Royce, and Beijing institute of Aeronautical Materials, China. The research has active collaboration with both academia and industry including a number of partners in Europe. Research themes cover ceramic coating fabrication, chracterisation and performance study. The group has developed both chemical vapour deposition and electrophoretic deposition to produce ceramic coatings for applications in aeroengines and nuclear reactors. Properties of the ceramic coating, eg. thermal conductivity, residual stresses and mechanical property are being studied in relation to performance of these coatings in various industrial environments. The ceramic materials which have been studied covers Lanthium Zirconate, Yttria Stablized Zirconia and metallic coatings as thermal barrier coatings, SiC and carbon coatings for containment of nuclear fuels, and graphene for electrochemical and mechanical applications.

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