Prof Philip Withers

Professor of Materials Science

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Research interests

  • Nanotomography
  • Metal matrix composites (Ti-SiC fibre and Al particulate)
  • Laser peening and other life extending surface treatment technologies
  • Linear, rotational and stir friction welding of Al, Ni and Ti materials and components
  • Crack tip field displacement mapping and crack tip residual stress interactions
  • Weld residual stresses, their modelling and mitigation
  • Structural integrity of aerospace and nuclear plant
  • New residual stress measurement technologies
  • Stress related transformations including ferro electric and shape memory transitions
  • Powder processing


Research and projects

  1. Tomographic Imaging CCPi

    Withers, P., Lee, P. & Lionheart, W.


    Project: Research

  2. Materials for demanding environments CDT

    Withers, P., Ainsworth, R., Lindsay, R., Francis, J., Roy, M., Wright, M., Verheyden, T., Al Aboura, Y., Aldhous, P., Anders, A., Armitage, T., Bashat, M., Brown, A., Buxton, O., Cakstins, J., Cassineri, S., Chandarana, N., Chapman, N., Craske, D., Curd, M., Dowhyj, M., Elms, J., Fox, C., Ghosal, A., Giunta, G., Guo, Y., Jahangiri-Haghighi, H., Han, Q., Hernández, M., Hull, G., Iakovakis, E., Jalil, R., Jones, C., Jordanov, M., Kablan, A., Kapousidou, M., Kindermann, R., Kotsovinos, A. E., Kousar, K., Liubercev, S., Manchester, T., Matev, N., Mazzei, G., Mccormack, S., Moorcroft, R., Moulton, J., Nawaz, M., Palko, S., Pearson, W., Ragnauth, H., Raymond, J., Razali, M., Rollings, L., Ruiz, D., Rzeszutek, K., Shore, D., Stoyanov, N., Suleman, T., Supornpaibul, N., Tran, K., Traverse, L., Walsh, M., Wild, J., Taylor, A., Young, J., Xu, X. D. & Wang, H.


    Project: Research