Prof Peter Oakes

Greenwood Senior Lecturer in New Testament

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PhD Study

I have supervised PhD research on a range of subject in NT studies, especially in Paul's letters and on relationships between NT texts and aspects of Graeco-Roman society and culture. One particular aspect of PhD work here at Manchester is the ability for Biblical Studies students to have second supervisors from Jewish Studies, Classics and other departments such as Linguistics. Currently, three of my PhD students are co-supervised by professors in the Classics and Ancient history department. PhD students here also have regular access to expertise of many of our Honorary Research Fellows (see the Centre for Bibilcal Studies web pages), who gather weekly in term time at the Ehrhardt Biblical Studies Research Seminar, which usually has 20-40 participants.

Successful past PhD's include: Diana Woodcock on rosette decorations on ossuaries, etc; Isaac Mbabazi on forgiveness in Matthew; Andrew Boakye on resurrection life in Galatians; Pyung-Soo Seo on Christ and the Emperor in Luke; Richard Britton on a Derridean reading of Romans; Elif Karaman on early Christian women in Ephesus; David Harvey on honour in Galatians. Benedict Kent on patronage and Paul's Christology; Yoonjong Kim on an interdependence-theory reading of Romans; Rosie Jackson on women's bodies in early Christianity;

Current PhD students include: Sam Rogers reading Luke's parables in Corinth etc; Justin Daneshmand on Christ's elusiveness in Luke-Acts; David Bell on the NT and childhood; Siobhán Jolley on Magdalene traditions; Anna Budhi on masculinity of the historical Jesus; Vivian Jones-Johnson on a womanist approach to 1 Cor. 5-7.