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My research interests inform my Level 3 course unit entitled 'Refugees in Modern World History' which, like the research projects mentioned elsewhere, draws upon a broad range of social and cultural theory. The course addresses case-studies in twentieth-century European and non-European history and explores such issues as how one can write 'refugee history'. My students work in small groups to produce posters and discussion logs on relevant topics. Many of them have written dissertations arising from this course unit; their research has taken them to libraries and archives in Geneva, Paris, New York, Dublin and Tel Aviv, as well as in the UK.

My teaching interests in modern history take the form of course units in the cultural history of modern war, Russian economic history, and the social and cultural history of the Russian revolution. I have aIso offered lectures at Level 2 on the economic history of Russia and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century.

At MA level I have contributed to the MA programme in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response and the MA in the Cultural History of Modern War.