Prof Penny Summerfield

Emeritus Professor

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Completed research students

  • 2008-  Barry Hazley 'Irish migration in the Twentieth Century' ESRC studentship, full-time
  • 2008-  Spyros Tsoutsoumpis 'Masculinity, Class and Otherness in S.O.E. operations in Greece during World War Two' Self-funded, full-time
  • 2005-  Rachel Ritchie 'Chained to her chores? The contested identity of the 1950s British housewife' AHRC studentship, part-time
  • 2004- Joseph Maslen 'On Being Young and Left Wing in the Thirties: the Memory of a Younger World'  AHRC studentship, full-time
  • 2003- Student working on 'Gender, Genre and Class: socio-cultural change and personal testimony 1880-1920' JRRI Studentship, part-time
  • 2002- Anne-Marie Hughes 'Death, Gender and the Citizen in Britain in the First World War' Self-funded, part-time
  • 2001- Patricia Phillips 'Lives Less Ordinary: Women's Narratives of World War Two' Self-funded, part-time
  • 2002-2006 Sarah Britton 'Imagining the Other, Inventing the Self: Narratives of Nation and Empire in British Inter-War Imperial Exhibitions'. AHRC studentship, full-time
  • 2001- 2005 Victoria Brookes 'Gender, Class and Identity: Cotton Workers in Oldham and Bolton, 1920-1950'  PhD. JRRI studentship, full-time
  • 1999-2003 Yvonne Simm 'Men, women and wartime marital separation, Britain 1939-1945: a study of personal testimony' PhD. ESRC studentship.
  • 1998-2003 Juliette Pattinson 'Passing Performances: The Gendering of Military Identity in the Special Operations Executive in the Second World War' PhD. ESRC studentship. (Lancaster University).
  • 1996-2004 Carol Osborne 'Gender, Class and Nation: British Climbing c.1857-1955' PhD ESRC studentship. (Lancaster University).
  • 1996-2001 Myung-Sook Sung 'The women's movement in Korea: a historical and comparative analysis' PhD Overseas student. (Lancaster University).
  • 1995-99: Jennie Brunton 'Cultural narratives and the historical subject: Annie Garnett, a woman textile artist at the time of the Arts and Crafts Movement' PhD. Self funded, part-time (Lancaster University).
  • 1992-97: Caroline Morrison 'Women's Involvement in the Movements for Peace 1914-1939' PhD. ESRC studentship (Lancaster University).
  • 1992-96: Elizabeth Oliver 'Liberation or Limitation? A study of women's leisure in Bolton 1920-1939' PhD. ESRC studentship (Lancaster University).
  • 1991-97: Josie Dolan 'National Heroines: constructing femininity and representing the past in popular film and literature 1930-1955' PhD. (Lancaster University).

Supervision areas

I am currently supervising and have in the past supervised numerous research students (some listed below).  I am particularly keen to hear from students with interests in the social, cultural and gender history of the twentieth century in general and the Second World War in particular, with a focus on Britain, as well as in oral history and personal testimony.