Dr Pawel Grzechnik

Lecturer in Bioscience

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Prospective postdocs: If you are in a position to obtain your own funding we will help you to find and apply for a suitable fellowship (e.g. EMBO-LTF, HFSP, FEBS-LTF, Marie-Curie, Newton International, or a national programme). Contact us if you are interested!

Prospective PhD students: The University of Manchester offers a range of PhD studentships. We are also happy to support your application for external studentships (e.g. China Scholarship Council). Get in touch!

Self-funded PhD studentship: Regulation of the transcriptional cycle in normal and diseased human cells. In eukaryotic cells, the transcriptional cycle is controlled by proteins interacting with RNA Polymerase II (Pol II). Deregulation of their functions affects transcription, the first step in the process of gene expression and therefore triggers many pathological conditions, including cancer. Human protein CREPT (Cell cycle-Related and expression-Elevated Protein in Tumor), which is overexpressed in ~80% of tumors. CREPT, and its close homolog RPRD1A interact with the CTD of PolII and localize to both promoters and 3’-ends of a subset of genes, which implicates roles for these proteins in transcriptional processes.  The aim of this project is to investigate the roles of CREPT in mRNA synthesis. The outcome of this project will help to better understand the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells and shed light on the processes that drive carcinogenesis.