Dr Paul Oldfield

Lecturer in Medieval History

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Postgraduate Opportunities

1) Supervision Areas:

I would welcome Postgraduate research students within the broad area of the Medieval Mediterranean (1000-1300), and particularly on Norman southern Italy and Sicily. In addition, I can also supervise on a wide range of other topics including medieval Italy, urban communities, pilgrimage and saints' cults

2) Current Research Students:

Main supervisor:

Alexander Hurlow, FT PhD, ‘Norman Identity in Capetian France (1204-c.1400): The Chronique de Normandie and Etablissements de Rouen’.

Thomas Quigley, FT PhD, ‘The Construction of a ‘New Jerusalem’: Bologna, Saint Petronio and the Santo Stefano Complex, 1100-1400’.

Lee Brooks, PT PhD, ‘The heart of the country and the fulcrum of power? The diocese of Lincoln and the centre of political and ecclesiastical geography in England c. 1066-1200’.


Stuart Pracy, FT PhD, ‘Emerging elites in Anglo-Saxon England, 1000-1150.’

Isaac Boothroyd, FT PhD, ‘The emergence of Middling identity in Twelfth-century England.’

David Rogan, FT PhD, ‘The Decline of Punishment Miracles in Medieval Europe, c.1000–1200.’

Christopher Nelson, PT PhD, 'The Early Medieval Library of Lincoln Cathedral',

3) I also teach on modules for the SALC MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies programme.