Dr Paul ClarksonPhD, MSc, BA (Hons), CQSW

Senior Lecturer in Social Care

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Research interests

I have been an investigator on a number of research projects including Chief Investigator on a recent NIHR Programme Grant on Effective Home Support in Dementia Care - a programme investigating the most effective home support arrangements for people with dementia and their carers, due to finish in March 2020.  This programme is working with several NHS Trusts, carers organisations, social care organisations and people with dementia as part of a dementia-specific call from NIHR.  I also conduct and manage applied health and social care research in long-term care including evaluations supporting implementation of the National Dementia Strategy in England; devising and implementing performance measures for older people's services and evaluating them in the UK and overseas; evaluating field experiments in the assessment of vulnerable older people in the community; and evaluating new policy approaches to assessment such as self assessment and integrated assessment.  

My research includes the timely reporting and marshaling of evidence for the direct consumption of health and social care policymakers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and overseas, used in developing integrated assessment procedures for older people, such as the Single Assessment Process and in developing performance measures for social care practice.  I have been a co-member of policymaking bodies, such as the Department of Health, National Dementia Strategy Objective 6 Advisory Group.  My work has provided research evidence to shape on-going policy, for example a 2015 review of legislation and policy guidance for adult social care in Northern Ireland and a European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research 2010 report on measuring progress in indicators of performance for care homes.

My research interests are in home support and community initiatives for dementia; the measurement of well-being in dementia, particularly utility measurement for economic evaluation; analysis of routinely collected data; integrated care; measurement of frailty and social vulnerability in older people; cost-effectiveness analysis, with particular reference to social care; economic and micro-simulation modelling.


Methodological knowledge

Multivariate statistical models, including relative weights metrics; cost-effectiveness evaluation; cost-utility measurement; data envelopment analysis; preference choice experiments as applied to social care; performance measurement techniques; policy analysis.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display