Prof Paul Brenchley PhD

Honorary Professor

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Research interests

Since 2009, my group has investigated the autoimmune mechanism causing membranous nephropathy, a rare glomerulopathy associated with heavy proteinuria and the most common cause of nephrotic syndrome in adults.

We have

  • developed the first ELISA for quantitating circulating anti-PLA2R antibodies in patients
  • linked levels of anti-PLA2R with the HLA DQA1 *05:01 DQB1 *02:01 allotype
  • studied the role of anti-PLA2R levels in clinical management of patients over time
  • identified the dominant epitope on PLA2R as a 31mer disulphide bonded structure
  • identified A2t as a coreceptor for PLA2R on podocytes
  • proposed a new structure for PLA2R based on single molecule EM
  • developed an ELISA for the minor autoantigen THSD7A
  • identified a common epitope structure shared by PLA2R and THSD7A
  • contributed to the largest global GWAS in MN which confirms DQA1 and PLA2R as risk genes and identifies NfKB and IRF4 as additional risk genes for MN
  • contributed to the first study of recurrent MN in transplants which identifies a donor specific HLA-D risk factor
  • identified candidate T cell epitopes in PLA2R


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