Prof Patrick Gaydecki


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Patrick Gaydecki is Head of the Materials, Devices and Systems Division of the School of EEE.


His team's current research portfolio:

  • Development of telemedical device for monitoring of patients following knee replacement
  • Three-dimensional immersive sound and HiFi sound focusing
  • Real-time DSP associated with acoustic violin emulation and measurement
  • Real time and off line digital signal processing (hardware and software systems) for music and audio systems, audiology and vibration research
  • Audio signal processing systems ( Signal Wizard, vSound and dCello
  • Multi-channel phased array microphone systems and loudspeaker beam forming
  • Real-time tracking of bee flight to enhance pollination strategies of flowering crops
  • EEG analysis and Brain Computer Interface (BC) development
  • Artefact cancellation in images obtained using 3D scanners
  • Real-time analysis of patients using inhalers associated with cough


Former projects:

  • Digital sub-harmonic synthesis for next-generation home-cinema systems
  • Image-to-sound systems for the visually impaired
  • Synthetic aperture focusing techniques (SAFT) for ultrasonic NDE of aircraft composites
  • Wearable GSM/GPS systems: emergency communications wristband
  • Characterization of atrial fibrillation based on automatic recognition of multiple cardiac signals
  • Instrumentation for acceleration monitoring of preterm neonates during ambulance transportation
  • Portable ECG systems
  • EEG analysis of preterm babies
  • Facial paralysis stimulation systems
  • Intelligent stand-alone metal fatigue sensors for vehicles
  • Inductive and magnetic scan imaging
  • Electrical time–domain reflectometry for inspection of post-tensioning ducts in concrete structures
  • Real-time magnetic field camera development
  • Ultrasonic methods for inspection of post-tensioning ducts in concrete structures
  • Remote autonomous flood detection sensors for off-shore oil platforms